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In the Chelyabinsk region, thanks to the national project, 328 km of roads were brought to standard in 2021

7 January 2022

In the Chelyabinsk region this year, 71 objects with a total length of 328 km were repaired under the national project "Safe quality roads". Of these, about 25 km - on the street and road network of the city of Chelyabinsk, another 12.5 km - on the territory of Magnitogorsk.

In addition, 32 sections of regional highways have been brought into a normative state. Among them is the Chebarkul — Uyskoye – Surmenevsky – Magnitogorsk highway, which became the longest facility in 2021. This season, 30 km of roadway has been repaired here.

Also this year, work continued on large capital-intensive facilities. A large-scale reconstruction of the Leningrad Bridge started in Chelyabinsk in the spring. The project provides for the construction of a new bridge with a length of almost 190 m. It will be higher than the previous one, this will allow the Naberezhnaya Street to be held under it in the future. Full commissioning is scheduled for September 1, 2022.

And in Magnitogorsk, an overhaul of the overpass over the railway tracks along the 9 Maya Street is being carried out. It provides transport links to the north-eastern part of the city with the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works - the main city-forming enterprise. The launch of the facility is scheduled for 2022.

It should be noted that quality control of road activities is carried out during the entire technological cycle: starting from the control of the materials used and ending with compliance with the technology of work in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. If defects are detected, the repair stops, and the contractor eliminates them at its own expense. Before putting the facilities into operation, diagnostics is mandatory for compliance with all requirements.

Also, during the construction, reconstruction and repair of highways, including overhaul, warranty passports are issued without fail. If defects and deficiencies are found during the operation of the site, they will also be eliminated at the expense of the contractor in due time.

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